From ZERO to PRO! If you’re looking for employment, head to MODE GAKUEN!

To All International Students

There are no boundaries in the desire to learn.

There are 391 international students from 25 countries and regions studying at MODE GAKUEN (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya)*.

MODE GAKUEN has a variety of support systems so that international students can have a safe and enjoyable school life.
As a school, we provide full support not only for school life and study, but also for housing and daily life in Japan, employment at Japanese companies, and acquisition for VISA.

At MODE GAKUEN we will do all we can do to help those who have the desire to learn.

* Achievement of the 3 MODE GAKUEN (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya) schools at the end of March 2024.

Open Campus

Visits / Consultations every day, even online! (10:00 - 20:00 JST, excluding Sundays, Japanese public holidays, and dates between 12/26 - 1/5.)

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Welcome to MODE GAKUEN

Turn your personality into talent.
From fashion to makeup, a school where you can learn about cutting-edge creation and business.

MODE GAKUEN was established in Nagoya, 1966. Currently, being one of the largest vocational schools in Japan with the school buildings in front of each terminal station in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya

It is a school accredited by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as a "Professional Post-secondary Course" for practical education that is recognized by Japan.

Starting with curriculum development that is made considering the needs of the times, special lectures are given by specialists who are active in the forefront of the industry. We provide a state-of-the-art learning environment.

At MODE GAKUEN, around 4,500 students are currently studying fashion, design, business, stylist, interior, graphic, makeup, and hair stylist. Graduates are rated highly due to their practical skills and employment guidance they received based on the needs of human resources in each industry.

Additionally, we have introduced an study abroad system at the Paris campus "CREAPOLE", creating an environment for nurturing creators who will become active around the world.






One-on-one guidance is provided by employment guidance instructors who understand the human resources needs of companies.

"Make what you love a vocation" this phrase has nothing to do with whether you’re Japanese or an international student.

For those who desire to get a job, the employment guidance instructors will give thorough individual guidance from resume writing to interview practice, production and presentation of your employment portfolio.
Thorough support for qualification acquisition and certification exam strategies, which are powerful tools when looking for a job.

Thorough support for qualification acquisition and certification exam strategies, which are powerful tools when looking for a job.
We also provide full support for finding employment in Japan, such as job hunting strategies and acquisition of your VISA.

Unparalleled "Contest Achievements"
Many awards won consecutively in contests in a wide range of fields. It's your turn next!

Industry-Academia Case Studies
You can aquire "real-world skills" by working with companies and creators from planning to commercilization!

Classes are taught directly by top instructors such as global creators
in the "T.O.L. lectures" and currently active professionals.

International Student Support System

  1. MODE GAKUEN is a “licensed school”, a “proper school", and a “certified school" . 
  2. Upon graduation, you will receive a diploma and the title of "Advanced Diploma" or "Diploma". 
  3. There is a “Skill Up Course” available to help improve your Japanese proficiency.
  4. There is an international student support system that helps you feel at ease during both your studies and daily life.
  5. We provide a living environment where you can study with peace of mind. 
  6. We will take responsibility for supporting  you in gaining qualifications and getting employment in Japan. 

There are many other support systems available too.

Employment Achievements from MODE GAKUEN International Students

MODE GAKUEN is a powerful ally for international students trying to find employment in the industry too!

Comme des Garçons / GIVENCHY / L'Oréal JAPAN / LVMH Fragrance Brands / M.A.C / ONWARD / Shiki Theatre Company / Shiseido / TOMORROWLAND / Yohji Yamamoto and many others

* Achievement samples from graduates at the 3 MODE GAKUEN schools(Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya)

Subjects / Courses

Subjects / Courses


Fashion Design/Fashion Technology/Fashion Business/Stylist/Interior/Graphic/ Makeup & Nail/Hairdressing & Makeup/Hair Stylist & Colorist

No matte which path you take to become a pro, the possibilities are endless.

In the basic course, we teach the basics of creation and technology from scratch. In the specialized course, experienced instructors guide you to becoming professionals.

Upon graduation, you will obtain a diploma and the title of "advanced diploma" / "diploma". With this, it will be easier for you to re-enter the country and get a job in Japan.

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Global Size Education Network

Global Size Education Network


MODE GAKUEN has prepared an environment where you can learn the latest techniques from around the world, not just in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Paris.
Creators who play an active role worldwide are born at MODE GAKUEN.


3 minutes on foot from Shinjuku station (West Exit).
50 storeys above ground, MODE GAKUEN Cocoon Tower.  

2 minutes on foot from Osaka Station (West Exit).
21 storeys above ground and 3 storeys below ground, OSAKA MODE GAKUEN general school building.

3 minutes on foot from Nagoya station.
36 storeys above ground, MODE GAKUEN Spiral Towers.  


MODE GAKUEN Overseas Offices

MODE GAKUEN has 8 offices around the world, including its sister school in Paris.
Each office supports global learning, from overseas research / training and support when studying abroad, to collaborations with companies and educational institutions overseas as well as admission consultation when enrolling directly from overseas.

  • Paris Office (Paris Campus CREAPOLE)
  • Milan Office
  • New York Office
  • Dubai Office
  • Beijing Office
  • Shanghai Office
  • Taiwan Office
  • Seoul Office

Facilities / Equipment

The environment nurtures people. All training rooms are recreations of those of the PROs.

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Campus Life

Campus Life

  • キャンパスフォト|人気ブランドDiorのメイクアップアーティストとして活躍する卒業生が直接講義!「美をトータルにクリエイト。Diorのメイクテクニック」
  • キャンパスフォト|日本美容界トップアーティスト 野沢道生氏のスペシャルゼミ。「『似合わせの達人』によるCUT DESIGN」

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Voices of the International Students

Voices of the International Students


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What courses are offered?

    4-year Integrated Course
    * You will receive an "Advanced Diploma" upon graduation, which is equivalent to a 4-year Japanese university qualification.
    Fashion Design Department Advanced Diploma Course
    Fashion Business Department Advanced Diploma Course*

    Comprehensive Basic Course
    Comprehensive Basic Department
    Fashion Major
    Makeup and Hair Stylist Major

    Specialized Course
    * You will receive  a "Diploma" upon graduation, which is the equivalent a Japanese junior college qualification.

    Fashion Design Department
    Brand Designer Major
    Apparel Designer Major
    Stage / Stage Costume Major
    Mens Designer Major
    Kids Designer Major
    Game Character Designer Major

    Department of Fashion Technology
    3D Digital Pattern Maker Major
    Pattern Major
    Apparel Technology Major

    Fashion Business Department
    Fashion Producer Major
    Buyer / Shop Management Major
    Digital Marketing Major
    Fashion Coordinator Major
    Digital Fashion Major

    Stylist Department
    Advertising / Magazine Stylist Major
    Fashion Stylist Major
    Stage Costume Stylist Major

    Makeup and Nail Department
    Makeup Artist Major
    Video / Stage Makeup Major
    Total Beauty Advisor Major

    3-year Integrated Course 
    * You will receive  a "Diploma" upon graduation, which is the equivalent a Japanese junior college qualification.

    Department of Interior
    Interior Designer Major
    Interior / Architect Major
    Space Designer Major
    Interior Coordinator Major

    Department of Graphic Design
    Graphic Designer Major
    WEB / Video Designer major
    Illustration Major

    Hair Stylist & Colorist Course
    * You will receive a "Diploma" upon graduation, which is the equivalent a Japanese junior college qualification.

    Hair and Makeup Artist Department
    Hair and Makeup Artist Major
    Bridal Artist Major
    Salon Owner Major
    International Cosmetology Major *

    Department of Cosmetology
    Hair Stylist Major
    Hair Colour List Major

    Paris School Study Abroad Course

    Night-time Classes
    Fashion Design Department
    Department of Fashion Technology
    Fashion Business Department
    *Student VISA cannot be obtained by those attending Night-time Classes. If you wish to enroll, please contact the Admissions Office.

  • What are the features of education at MODE GAKUEN?

    Our school provides industry-academic collaborations, which provides practical experience from industry professionals and companies to students.

    We also train students in unique subjects such as "Creativity Development", "Self-Development”, and “Thinking Skills”. These subjects maximizes creativity and builds necessary communication skills required in Japanese society.

  • What has MODE GAKUEN achieved?

    Impressive contest results. Dominate the Grand Prix in a number of contests.

    Additionally, it is an industry-academic project "case study" that has evolved into an actual corporate project. At the request of the companies, we practice marketing, concept makeup, MD, design, production, and commercialization together with the company in class. Professional skills along with the students' free thinking skills are producing results.

    ・Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) x All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA) Space Suits Design
    ・Toyota Motor Corporation "Design Prius For Smile" actual vehicle
    ・Fuji Television Network TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION
    ・Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd. Introducing the students’ original Halloween makeup
    ...and many others.

    Toyota Motor Corporation "Design Prius For Smile" actual vehicle

    Fuji Television Network TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION

    Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd. Introducing the students’ original Halloween makeup
  • Can beginners study here too?

    From ZERO to PRO.

    Starting from the basics with detailed guidance from instructors who have experience as professionals in the industry, we cultivate imagination, rich sensibility, and authentic skills.

    Additionally, the world's leading instructors give direct guidance at "T.O.L. Lectures". Top Opinion Leader (T.O.L.) lectures are given by inviting world-famous creators such as Paul Smith, Anna Sui, and Michiko Koshino. You can directly experience the world-class sensibility and creative techniques.

    Moreover, we hold a "special seminar" inspired by the industry's top class. Each department welcomes instructors who are active on the front lines of the industry and offers unique and practical lessons. By learning directly from the currently leading creators who give birth trends and viral topics, you can always catch the latest industry trends.

    Paul Smith

    Paul Smith


    Anna Sui


    Michiko Koshino

  • I'm worried about being unable to keep up in class.

    There is nothing to be worry about. Our admissions screening process places an emphasis on the individual's motivation and dedication towards their goals. Passing this initial process ensures that you will be able to keep up with our classes. There is also a complete homeroom system all throughout the year where we will be able to closely provide support to each of our students. Please rest assured that we also offer individual supplementary classes.

    In addition, we have a dedicated team of guidance staff members to provide international students with assistance. Like-minded Japanese students will be there to assist as well. We also hold a special course to help improve your Japanese proficiency, where an N1-level langauge instructor will provide direction on preparing for the JLPT N1 examinations. Our unique learning environment allows you to not only acquire specialized knowledge and Japanese language skills, but also receive advice on daily life in Japan.

How to Enroll

  • I would like to know more about MODE GAKUEN.

    We will send you the latest information regarding Mode Gakuen for free.
    Click here to request our school brochures.
    * Overseas dispatch is not available.

  • I want to know the enrollment requirements.

    Students who meet all of the following conditions in sections 1, 2 below, assuming that the intent of studying abroad is clear and have a strong desire to acquire knowledge and skills in their respective fields.

    1. Those who have completed or are soon to complete a regular 12-year curriculum and will reach the age of 18 by the time of admission.
    * If your country's regular curriculum is less than 12 years, or if you will be under the age of 18 at the time of admission, please contact the Admissions Office.

    2.Students who meet one of the following conditions for Japanese proficiency. 
    ・Students who have studied for over 6 months a Japanese language education institution accredited by the Ministry of Justice of Japan.
    ・Students who have passed the N1 or N2 levels in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).
    ・Students who have obtained 200 points or more in the Japanese language subjects from the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) (Total of reading comprehension, listening comprehension, and listening comprehension excluding description).
    ・Students who got 400 points or more in the Business Japanese Proficiency Test (BJT).
    ・Students who have studied for over one year at elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, vocational colleges, junior colleges, universities, or graduate schools in Japan.
    * Please contact  the Admissions Office if you do not have Japanese proficiency above but can fully understand the content of the class and have a status of residence that allows you to stay in Japan without any problems from admission to graduation.

  • I would like to know how to enroll.

    ●If the applicant resides in Japan
    Please contact the Admissions Office or visit the school directly to obtain the "International Student Admission Guidelines".

    ● If the applicant resides in his / her own country <other than Japan>
    We have two systems that allow admission by document screening without coming to Japan to take the examination*, and a system that asks a representative to apply for the application procedure. MODE GAKUEN will apply for status of residence on your behalf.

    1.Overseas special admission system
    This system accepts and selects applications directly from overseas for those who have passed the N1 (Level 1) or N2 (Level 2) in the "Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)",or who have scored 400 or higher on the BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test (BJT)*.

    2.Admission system before arrival in Japan
    This system allows you to take the "Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)" exam and submit enrollment application materials before you arrive in Japan, based on your grades and document screening results*. The target persons are those who have obtained 200 points or more in Japanese subjects (total of reading comprehension, listening comprehension and listening comprehension excluding description).

    3.Representative system
    Please ask a representative living in Japan to apply for you. We will contact the representative regarding the selection date.

    * Interviews will be conducted via the Internet.

    Please contact us via phone or E-mail.
    Admission consultations available every day.  (10:00 - 20:00 JST, excluding Sundays, Japanese public holidays, and dates between 12/26 - 1/5.)  

    TOKYO MODE GAKUEN:TEL. 03-3344-6000 E-mail:nyugaku.tokyo@mode.ac.jp
    OSAKA MODE GAKUEN:TEL. 06-6345-2222 E-mail:nyugaku.osaka@mode.ac.jp
    NAGOYA MODE GAKUEN:TEL. 052-582-0001 E-mail:nyugaku.nagoya@mode.ac.jp

    ▼ Application Method

I would like to visit MODE GAKUEN.

  • For those who would like to visit the school, please click on the link below.

    Visits available everyday, even online!
    (10:00 - 20:00 JST, excluding Sundays, Japanese public holidays, and dates between 12/26 - 1/5.)

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